Statistics on Online Consumer Shopping & Use of Search Engines

Most small business owners still don’t understand the actual concept of SEO, online shopping and Search Engines. Here are some facts with statistics collected with in-depth research and analysis showing how growth of successful business was linked to professional online shopping websites.

E-Commerce Statistics

• Nearly $1.5 billion Business-to-Consumer sales worldwide year 2014.
• Nearly 200 million registered buyers in United States year 2014.
According to EBay statistics, online Shoppers spend millions of dollars every month purchasing products or services online, and this encourages more firms to establish business over the internet targeting potential customers and circulating product reputation.

Reviews Role
Most consumers usually do research and ask about different brands and types of certain product/service before they actually purchase this product/service. Here where reviews play a key role in informing these consumers about particular product/service. People who have purchased the product/service can post a review telling others about their experience. Those who are interested in this product/service can find these reviews over the fastest growing social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter .
• Nearly 65% of consumers read at least 2 reviews about certain product/service before buying it.
Even some business owners are not aiming for online sales, it may still grow in terms of branding and advertising in addition to showing the direct way towards physical business door such as online tax return service, tax online , tax return online , tax agent Sydney or tax agent Melbourne. Nice reviews related to a business product/service can be added on business website or another business website with link to this product/service.

Search Engines
• Google is the largest and most popular search engine with more than 70% share of the search engine market.
• Nearly 50% of mobile phone web consumers visit the local store after searching for desired product or service, where nearly 35% of PC and tablet users visit local store after searching.
• Nearly 15% of the in-store activities of consumers include using Search Engines.
These statistics mentioned above show why most business owners now working hard on establishing up to date online setup and marketing online their products, services and discount offers inside traffic of potential customers searching for products/services online and maybe turn in at local store. These statistics also show why SEO services tactics implementation becoming more widespread targeting maximum number of potential consumers searching in top rankings over the search engines.
After showing some statistics about web consumer activity, we show more statistics related to usage of search engines.
• Nearly 93% of the overall online shopping starts with search engines checking such as Tax Return Circular Quay or Tax Return Barangaroo or Tax Accountant North Sydney or Tax Agent North Sydney.
• Nearly 40% of the customers are driven from search engines.
• Nearly 100 billion searches per month.
Online shopping is considered as a trend all around the world, and a lot of statistics about search engines usage show how SEO investment may play big role in advertising and sales.

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