Getting Started
Tutorial and Exercises
To get the most of our Compendium’s powerful hypertext features for idea and information management, we strongly recommend that you step through the tutorial and associated hands-on exercises, which will introduce the core knowledge you need to get going quickly, grounded in numerous concrete examples:
Instructional Videos
You can view a set of brief Instructional Videos which introduce newcomers to the basics of mapping in Compendium, and illustrate some of the new features which add power and flexibility to Compendium mapping and web exports. You need the Macromedia Flash Player/browser plug-in to view these clips (many browsers have this as standard).

Instructional Videos
Dialogue Mapping
Dialogue Mapping is a facilitation technique for using Compendium projected on a screen as a tool for groups to make sense of “wicked” problems and build shared understanding and commitment on ways forward. You can read about how dialogue mapping works in the new book, Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems. Or you can participate in the 2-day Dialogue Mapping Workshop, which teaches these core skills in an interactive training. Either way, learn more at the CogNexus Institute website.
Eliciting and Managing Requirements with Compendium Workshop
Using Compendium during the requirements gathering process enables a truly collaborative effort among requirements stakeholders to negotiate collective understanding, capture discussions and options, and share representations of their knowledge digitally. Validated in both small and large scale business projects, Compendium can be used to effectively elicit and document requirements and manage the complex relationships between requirements, providing traceability and maintainability as requirements evolve throughout a project’s lifecycle. To learn more about this workshop, please visit the Company Crayon website or contact