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This marks a major step forward for the Compendium project, as we release the code we’ve been working on to help it develop in new, doubtless unforeseen, directions…

Background note: Compendium has an interesting history which has brought us to this point. First in the early 1990s, there was the Jeff Conklin’s QuestMap product, and it was working with him on this that inspired Al Selvin and Maarten Sierhuis at NYNEX (as Verizon was then) to extend it in powerful new ways, originally codenamed Mifflin, now simply called Compendium (see the note on QuestMap and Compendium).

Thanks: to the resources invested first by Verizon, and more recently by The Open University’s CoAKTinG Project (funded by the UK’s EPSRC and e-Science Programme), we have a robust tool that is now well out of the research lab and into serious, real world usage.

Licensing: This process has seen Compendium’s licensing terms gradually open up, first with the OU licensed to work on it with a small group of partners, then able to distribute the binary to the world. Now we can make the source code available, but keen readers will have spotted that we are not yet quite Open Source by common definitions.

Check the license for the detail, but in brief, the key constraints that you need to know are:

You can’t sell or redistribute Compendium.
Publish your code via this website: you’re free to set up your own private repository for internal development, but to share your improvements with the world (which we hope you will!), you must upload it to this website (register, and then go to the upload form). Your code will then be immediately available, hosted here.
Compendium already has an enthusiastic user community.
Developers, your turn to step up!


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