The briefings included here provide an overview and introduction to Compendium. Since Compendium represents a large body of work and experience, the papers cover several dimensions: Compendium as a methodology, a technology, a community of people and expertise, and a research topic.
A growing number of people from a wide range of backgrounds and organizations regard Compendium as a highly promising approach to solving a number of difficult business, organizational, and technical problems. With continued development, support, community, and energy, Compendium can continue to generate an increasing amount of value in the years to come.
For more in-depth discussions of many of these dimensions, please see our extensive set of research papers.
Compendium Overview [10Mb PPT][5.5Mb PDF] – Computational Semantics Laboratory, Stanford University, Sept. 2006
From gIBIS to MEMETIC: Evolving a Research Vision into a Practical Tool [17.6Mb PPT][7.5Mb PDF] – Design Rationale Workshop: Design, Computing & Cognition Conference , Eindhoven, July, 2006
Compendium as a Methodology
Compendium as a Technology
Compendium as a Community of People and Expertise
Compendium as a Research Topic
Compendium as a Knowledge Management Approach